Senior Guitar Coach & BADA's Co-Director
Petros Guitar Coach
  • Composition 99%
  • Music Theory 99%
  • Ability to make good puns 23%


Petros is a Luxembourg born Greek guitarist, composer, heavy metal performer and our resident senior guitar coach. Being raised with rock ‘n’ roll music from a young age, Petros’ evolution into the music industry as a performer was logical. He moved to the UK in 2010, where he began his university studies in music.

Studies & University

His studies first started in music and guitar at the age of 14 and haven’t stopped since. Petros first obtained the Music BA by the University Of Sussex. It was during his second year of studies that Petros also showed an interest in teaching. This of course meant he had to explore this path and make sure he has the right tools for the job. His passion for teaching started him on a Teacher Training course, the Post Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching. After a few years of rigorous teaching privately, GCSE, BA, composing & performing, his path of knowledge led him back to the University Of Sussex, where he completed a MA in Music & Sonic Media.

Professional Career

While studying he did not remain idle, he formed his own progressive heavy metal outfit, King Goat, which in the very short period of 6 years managed performed at Bloodstock Open Air, released an EP and two 2 full length albums, which sold thousands of copies worldwide and received amazing reception from major magazines such as Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Kerrang and more! To top that off, his band got signed to Aural Music, one of the most highly rated independent music record labels in metal right now.

Through his Master’s degree, Petros developed an interest  for composing music for video games and sound design which he rapidly developed into a profession as well. He developed a plethora of compositional styles outside his passion for heavy metal music such as cinematic orchestral, electronic, folk music and the list goes on! His first success in that domain is writing the complete soundtrack for Bomber Crew, a game made by the award winning studio, Runner Duck.


When he’s not busy making music, Petros is a big fitness enthusiast, loves everything sci-fi, gaming and animations.

King Goat Live

Bomber Crew Soundtrack


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