BADABOO 4-7yrs

Saturday Music Class
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Welcome to BADA Music Academy: high end music tuition for under 16s.

BADA Music Academy is Brighton’s first school for young talented musicians who want to learn with real professionals. All our junior coaches are active musicians in the industry who are eager to start coaching the next generation. Are your teens really passionate about music and want to learn and develop? You’re only one phone call away from the most inspiring music lesson!

Our Learn services are dedicated to anyone wishing to be technically proficient in their instrument.

We develop
is for those beginning to seriously consider a career in music, or to prepare for FE education.


This is the most accessible way for anyone wishing to tap into the expertise available at BADA. Most of our client base use this as a starting place I.e. 3yrs plus attend our weekly BADABOO class. Our Teenagers & Adults use them to assist there development alongside regular 1to1 coaching sessions.

At the Breakthrough Artist Development Academy of Music we are not Music Teachers, we are all coaches simultaneously balancing a busy work load across the the music industry from Performing, Songwriting, Record Producing, Touring and even writing for Film, Television and Theatre.

“BADA is an extensive and sociable network
of like minded artists driven by a passion,
interest and love for music.”

Voice Coaching
Bass Coaching
Guitar Coaching
Music Production Coaching
Piano Coaching
Music Theory Coaching

Stay inspired with BADA’s Certified, Active and DBS checked Music Industry Coaches & BADA web resources.


Are you over 16?

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