LEARN DRUM KIT at Our Drum Studio

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  • Develop a technically proficient level of playing
  • Learn to express rhythm in any given style of music
  • Expand your horizons by studying a plethora of genres
  • Progress your general musicianship alongside your drum skills
  • Build your confidence as a performer
  • Find your own style
  • Obtain valuable studio and session skills.

One-to-one sessions give you the input needed to take giant leaps as a Drummer. Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for years we will take you step by step to the next levels and beyond.

Part of BADA’s approach is to find ways to keep you inspired and striving for the next break through. Learning music is the wish to explore. Build all the key skills required to be a technically proficient drummer performing in bands and ensembles of any kind,  how to publish your own music and much more.

The privacy of a personal coaching session with a top coach at BADA Studios in central Brighton is an ideal way for those who are hungry to reach their full potential faster.

We can also use this time to begin the journey of developing aspiring artists, at any age or stage of their career.


We can also use this time to begin the journey of developing aspiring artists, at any age or stage of their career.

One-to-one sessions are the best environment in which to work on repertoire and advanced techniques. It is possible to dedicate some time to Charting, Theory, and other session skills.

Do you do Grades?

Should you wish to study Drum Grades, we currently support London College of Music Examinations up to first diploma in Drum Kit, Snare Drum & Percussion.

What if I don’t want to do Grades?

Whether you choose to do grades or not our coaches will push for your creative development. We will encourage you reach your goals and dreams. This could be to become a YouTube sensation, a No.1 selling artist or just to experience the real music industry.

Alex was born and bred in Jersey (Channel Islands) and in 2012, he moved to London to pursue a publishing deal with EMI.

Hailing from a long line of Musicians, music practically runs in Alex’s blood.. His career has seen him promoted from playing snare drum in the local scout band to working on recording sessions in places such as Maida Vale & Brighton Electric.

Alex continues to record and play live with various artists in Europe and the U.K. Now a Vater endorsee & the Drummer for The Dualers, Alex also dedicates a lot of his time to coaching the next generation of Drummers.