Join us for the most affordable way to learn professional singing technique
  • Want to learn how to train daily and keep your voice in top condition?
  • Want all the insider tips & tricks for maintaining your voice?
  • Want to always hit the High notes?
  • Want more Power?
  • Want more Sustain?
  • Want to discover more tonal colours to your voice?
  • Want greater control?
  • Want to Expand your range?
  • Want to meet more people like you?
  • Want to learn tips & tricks used by professional singers worldwide?

This weekly class gives professional vocalists the chance to focus on their technique in a fun group session.
• Is it hit or miss if you feel satisfied and confident in your performance?
• Do you struggle finding time to practice the exercises you have learned?
• Can only get through a few performances in full voice before you just can’t hit that top note?
• Do you experience fatigue when singing for longer periods?
• Are you making the leap from hobby to pro level singing, or have a naturally good voice but never had the chance to train it and release your potential?
• Perhaps you find your love of singing to a serious level a little lonely at times?
• Or do you just want to stay in shape vocally and make the most of what you could achieve?

40-50% of a Personal Coaching session should be spent on a solid warm-up and non repertoire-specific technique. Those who take their instrument seriously are encouraged to sing every day. This should include a thorough vocal warm-up.
VocAcise is designed to answer all of the above in a friendly, focused and sociable way.

VocAcise was invented by our academy director, founder and senior vocal coach Doe to provide a sociable environment for singers to hone a solid technique. Learn how to warm-up, challenge yourself every week and extend your vocal range and power. Watch out for technical pitfalls, develop skills and pick up tips & tricks used by professional singers worldwide.

VocAcise is run on a drop-in basis, but as with all BADA Music programmes we reward commitment with our Loyalty Card.


Join us for the first session on JULY 4th