Bass Guitar Teacher
  • Fretboard Knowledge 99%
  • Music Theory 75%
  • Baking skills 29%

Reuben was born in Brighton to a family containing several professional musicians. Being brought up with all kinds of music constantly playing (both recorded and live) in the family home, it was almost inevitable that Reuben would become a musician himself. Unsurprisingly, he carried on in the family tradition though unlike his brother & uncle who are classically trained musicians, his path led him down the world of electric bass, with an affinity for metal and other extreme technical genres.

He began his studies in music at the age of 11 learning classical nylon string guitar. At the age of 17 he became more interested in modern music, specifically heavy metal, in which he found inspiration and the desire to take up the bass, concentrating in developing his own style and voice and hasn’t stopped developing to this day.

Reuben studied a Professional Musicianship BA course at the British Institute Of Modern Music in Brighton whilst extensively touring and gigging with his band, A Night In The Abyss. Together they’ve performed in festivals such as UK Tech-Fest, Fall In The Brawl and Brighton’s very own Mammothfest. Reuben has had the opportunity to tour in support of other famous metal acts such as The Hirshk Effect, Carnifex, and The Schoenberg Automaton across Europe and Russia, proving to the crowds that he is also a very competent performer.

A Night In The Abyss have recorded both an E.P. and later, a full-length album in which Reuben performed with phenomenal technique on the bass guitar. The band is now signed to Hollowed Records, an American label based in California, and has entered the studio to write their second album, which will be another opportunity for Reuben to showcase his outstanding skills both as bassist and as a studio musician. He has now taken the mantle of BADA’s bass guitar teacher.