Guitar Lessons in Brighton

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  • Develop a technically proficient level of playing
  • Learn to compose and improvise using the guitar
  • Expand your horizons by studying a plethora of genres
  • Obtain valuable studio and session skills
  • Progress your overall musicianship
  • Build your confidence as a performer
  • Understand how to properly use amplifiers and effects
  • Find your own sound

One-to-one guitar lessons give you the input needed to take giant leaps as a Guitarist. Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for years we will take you step by step to the next levels and beyond.

Part of BADA’s approach is to find ways to keep you inspired and striving for the next break through. Learning music is the wish to explore. Build all the key skills required to be a technically proficient guitarist performing in bands and ensembles of any kind,  how to publish your own music and much more.

The privacy of a personal coaching session with a top coach at BADA Studios in central Brighton is an ideal way for those who are hungry to reach their full potential faster.

We can also use this time to begin the journey of developing aspiring artists, at any age or stage of their career.


One-to-one sessions are the best environment in which to work on repertoire, advanced techniques, alongside popular topics such as Home Recording & Production. It is possible to dedicate some time to Songwriting, Composition and other essential industry skills.

Do you do Grades?

Should you wish to study Guitar Grades, we currently support London College of Music Examinations up to first diploma in Acoustic, Electric & Rock Guitar.

What if I don’t want to do Grades?

Whether you choose to do grades or not our coaches will push for your creative development. We will encourage you reach your goals and dreams. This could be to become a YouTube sensation, a No.1 selling artist or just to experience the real music industry.

Our Guitar Coaches

Guitar Lessons

Petros, Senior Coach

Petros is a guitarist, composer, heavy metal performer & of course, teacher. Being raised with rock ‘n’ roll music from a young age, Petros’ evolution into the music industry as a performer was pretty logical.

Parallel to writing & touring with his signed band, King Goat, Petros has been teaching music in various forms, either this being fullon theory & practice at GCSE colleges throughout the South East, or guitar technique both at BIMM and in private 1-2-1 sessions. He obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Further and Higher Education to always make sure he can be the best teacher he can for his pupils. Read More

Ben, Junior Coach

Ben is a Guitarist, Pianist, Singer, Performer and electronic music Producer. Having been surrounded with classical, 60s-70s rock, folk, punk, jazz and pretty much anything else that comes to mind, it’s no surprise he started his music education at a young age and has been progressing steadily ever since. He started with classical piano at age 8, being very fond of Chopin, Mozart and especially Liszt, before moving to guitar at age 12. He worked hard and fast and was able to start performing in a thrash metal band, Crypsis, at age 15, with whom he played up and down the country, released 2 EPs and a full length album recorded at Foel Studios (Napalm Death, Electric Wizard, Porcupine Tree ect.). Read More

Guitar Lessons

In Partnership with Guitar Pro

BADA are proud partners of Guitar Pro, the world’s leading software for interactive scores & tablatures. Regardless of your level and ability, Guitar Pro is an essential tool which facilitates and speeds up your training. To learn more about it ask your coach during session.

Are you an aspiring or professional musician?

Please have a look at our sister company, Bada Pro.