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Why choose us?

Here at BADA we are pioneering a new system, one that blends elements of both traditional and modern music education. The best of both worlds if you’d like. Our coaches have all studied music at University level, but above all, are active industry professionals who are composing and performing on a regular basis.

We offer training in a plethora of different disciplines. Which one will you choose to learn with us?


What discipline will you learn with BADA?


Singing is the soul of all music, past and modern. Develop your own unique voice and obtain immaculate vocal health. Command the crowds with just the sound of your voice! Read More


The heart of most popular music. Doesn’t matter if it’s pop, rock, blues, jazz, reggae or heavy metal there’s 99% chance it was written on a guitar first. Master the 6 stringed instrument and unleash your creativity. Read More

Music Production

The invisible heroes of all modern music. Behind every famous musician, artist or band, sits a talented producer who just knows how to make music sound good. Learn the science behind the art, and start producing high quality records. Read More

Bass Guitar

The rumbling pillars, herald of the low end. Every riff, chord and melody are always accompanied by their bassy counterpart. Wield the 4 stringed colossus and watch every member of the audience grove along to your playing. Read More

Piano & Keys

There’s always a main brain behind all operations. This is the instrument of choice of all great composers. Simultaneously play complex chord progressions, basslines and melodies. Read More


This instrument is older than most and served both in orchestras and local taverns for centuries. Lately, the violin has seen a resurgence in modern and popular music. Equip yourself with this elegant and expressive tool and perform the most fiery melodies. Read More

Music Theory & Songwriting

The logic behind the chaos, transforming disorganised noise into beautiful harmonies. Most frown when they hear these two words put together, fear not though; just like every language, theory is just a set of rules that binds music into one comprehensible and familiar system. Read More

Group Classes

BADABOO 4-7yrs: Exploratory Music Class

Exploratory music class for kids! A creative and safe environment for kids that wish to start their musical journey. Classes include ukulele, keyboard, piano mat, boomwhackers, singing, body percussion & more! Join us in a fun filled 90 minutes long class, every Saturday at 10:00!



A group class focussing on vocal exercise. The most affordable and exciting way to access professional level vocal coaching. Work on your vocal health, projection, technique, and harmonising together with other like minded musicians like yourself.


Are you an aspiring or professional musician?

Please have a look at our sister company, Bada Pro.