ARTIST DEVELOPMENT- Music Industry carrer coaching


Tailored to you.
Reach your potential faster.
Work closely with a personal Mentor and coach.
Build confidence and performance technique.
Work on your material.
Prepare for self-release.

Take control of your career and meet the right people.
Record your own material.
Produce your own destiny in the Music Industry.
Expand the skills to find your unique artistic image and voice.
we provide motivational development with our team of certified, active Music Industry Coaches.

Regardless of which musical discipline your currently exponent of there are key industry skills you can master to earn from your talent and education. Our personalised journeys incorporate all the key areas of artist development from discipline specific tuition to Movement and Performance Technique.
We also cover the following necessary areas:
• Release scheduling.
• Obtaining industry support and Live bookings.
• Marketing & Social Media.
• Image consultancy.
• Carrer consultancy.
• Self-release.
• Arrangment.
• Composition.
• Entrepreneurial skills (invoicing, pricing, taxation).
• Recording and Producing skills.
• Technical logistics (live playback, in-ear monitoring, tech spec’s).
• General Mental & Physical Well-being.

With us you can reach your goals and dreams. Whether you wish to become the next YouTube sensation or a No.1 selling artist.

We make no false promises we just coach everything we know is important to the recipe of success, as we know a lot of these subjects are not covered properly even at University level.

Voice Coaching
Bass Coaching
Guitar Coaching
Violin Coaching
Music Production Coaching
Piano Coaching
Drum Coaching
Music Theory Coaching