Guitar, Music Production & Piano Teacher... Gypsy Jazz & Heavy Metal Monkey!
  • Fretboard Knowlage 99%
  • Chord Inversions 99%
  • Baking Skills 29%


Ben is a guitarist, pianist, singer, performer, electronic music producer and our junior guitar and piano teacher.

Having been surrounded with classical, 60s-70s rock, folk, punk, jazz and pretty much anything else that comes to mind, it’s no surprise he started his music education at a young age and has been progressing steadily ever since.

He started with classical piano at age 8, being very fond of Chopin, Mozart and especially Liszt, before moving to guitar at age 12. He worked hard and fast and was able to start performing in a thrash metal band, Crypsis, at age 15, with whom he played up and down the country, released 2 EPs and a full length album recorded at Foel Studios (Napalm Death, Electric Wizard, Porcupine Tree ect.)

At 21 he had developed an ear for jazz music and focused on jazz comping and improvisation, favouring the raw and passionate sound of Django Reinhardt.

He now fronts a gypsy swing band, Jorge’s Hot Club, that you can see playing all around town, the country and occasionally Europe.

In-between all of this, Ben has had a fairly busy session musician career. Being booked for countless live performances playing guitar, piano, bass, mandolin and pretty much anything you ask him to do. In the studio he has worked on many songs for small time bands and films, once even commissioned by Bonnie Tyler (Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter).

Aside from his exploits with performing and recording music, Ben also enjoys other projects such as producing electronic music, heavily influenced by both 90s video game soundtracks and modern EDM, for himself and for sync and most recently, started a live music promotion company with a talented music business student, Fresh Lenins, and hosts regular gigs.

Ben doesn’t have a lot of time outside of music, but any time he does get he fills with science books, satirical cartoons and cooking.