• Acoustically treated room
  • Professional Equipment
  • Central Brighton Location
  • MIDI Keyboard included
  • Clean, Inspiring & Professional environment


  • Specifically designed mixing & writing
  • Close to £1.50ph parking
  • Very close to Brighton Station
  • Bring your own laptop if desired
  • Collection of Microphones to choose from


Regardless if you’re looking for a place to mix and record or a space to create and compose music, our recording studios are ready to accomodate you. Our simple set up means you can plug your own laptop straight into our system, use our hardware but your prefered software.

Studio Gear

Audio Interface: UAD Apollo Twin MKII – Quad (thunderbolt 2) 

Arguably one of the best audio interface in the market currently, the Apollo Twin by UAD is deceptively powerful for such a small piece of gear. Equipped with some of the best preamps and the clearest signal conversion, this interface makes every microphone sound fantastic without much tweaking. Its quad processor assures that latency won’t be an issue regarding of however many tracks and plugins you’re running.

DSP Accelerator: UAD-2 Satellite – Quad (thunderbolt 2)

Another small bit of gear that bares a heavy load. The UAD-2 Satellite offers enough processing power, rendering latency a thing of the past. Combined with Apollo twin, you will be able to run great number of projects without ever overloading your machine and DAW.

Studio Monitors: ADAM A77X Near-/Midfield Monitors

The A77X have received numerous awards for a reason. With their pristine stereo image and great clarity throughout the spectrum, you will be able to mix with absolute precision.

MIDI Keyboard: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61

Experience full control and seamless workflow integration with one of the best midi keyboards in the market. Komplete Kontrol S61 integrates with all NKS vst plugins and allows live in depth interaction with all their functions and parameters.

Amplifiers & Drums

Guitar amps: Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister Deluxe 20
If there’s 1 valve amp that can please both the soulful blues guitarist and the shredder metalhead, it’s the Tubemeister Deluxe by Hughes & Kettner. We’re talking about a 3 channel amp that has a warm harmonic clean, a crunch that can dial in any sound from 60s to the 80s, and a lead channel for those who really want some serious amount of gain under their fingers. The EQ and Gain knobs are very responsive allowing the players to further shape their sound. (Footswitch included)

Bass amp: Fender Rumble 100
Don’t judge this amp by its humble looks. This little fella packs a punch! Fender have really outdone themselves with this one. Regardless of whether you’re a slap aficionado, a smooth blues player or a dedicated follower of Lemmy Kilmister’s crunch, the Fender Rumble has you covered. Yet more proof that versatility and quality can both be found in a single box.

Drum Kit: Mapex M Series
A discontinued model by Mapex, freshly skinned and regularly tuned. You have the choice of up to 3 rack toms, a single or double kick drum, and a choice between a drop clutch or a regular clutch for the hi-hat.

Digital Desk & Monitoring
We’ve equipped the studio with an X Air XR16 digital desk and floor monitors. Combined with the DI outputs of the amps, you can hear with absolute clarity inside the room. On top of that, if you bring a USB pen drive, we can have a stereo recording handed back to you. Great for recording new ideas or making better quality demos.

Recording Studios