Our Studios In Brighton.

Welcome to BADA Studios in the heart of Central Brighton.

Located just a short walk from Brighton Station in the surrounding London Road area, BADA Studios (previously Cobbler’s Thumb) is Brighton’s most ethical and sustainable work space/studios.

We boast a vibrant, creative and inspirational atmosphere made entirely out of shipping containers. You can book a room at BADA Studios to either rehearse or practice by yourself.

Onsite you will also find BADA Music, for all your music tuition and coaching needs, and Espresso Yourself, the latest addition to the family who will look after you with their rich, aromatic coffee and delicious pastries.

Currently, there’s an empty double container literally sitting on top of us, that has been freshly, fully refurbished as an office. If you’re interested in learning more about it, please click here!

Don’t let your neighbours put you off practising…

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to practice your own instrument at home, feeling self conscious that you’re annoying other people simply by doing the one thing you love. We might be able to help you with a really affordable solution. Get in touch, and find your perfect slot!